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Welcome to Justin Wylie’s – Just a Kid & a Ball Podcast.

This site will work as a platform to dive further deep into the master’s project of Justin Wylie. Also available on Apple Podcast.

About Just a Kid & a Ball

Justin Wylie, University of Arizona Graduate student, hosts this podcast which focuses on the local and global challenges African-American student-athletes face in our society. Wylie, former collegiate baseball player, includes perspectives from mentors, researchers and fellow student-athletes themselves.

Wylie, originally from Chandler, Arizona, played collegiate baseball at San Diego State and University of Arizona during his college career. Wylie received his undergraduate degree at SDSU and earned a master’s degree at the University of Arizona in Journalism. His aspirations come as being a sports broadcaster following his professional playing career. This podcast has come from a collection of inspirational experiences in his lifetime, and the urge to share his experiences as a black athlete in the year 2020.

To contact Mr. Wylie:

Instagram: Justin__Wylie

Twitter: Jdubtalks


Thank you and enjoy the listen!

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